Clearing & Execution Services for

Institutional & Commercial Trading

Let Wedbush guide you through solutions to help streamline your institution’s efficiency.

Wedbush Futures provides institutional clearing services, straight-through trade capture and processing, and margin and collateral management services at exchanges around the world.

Our clearing solutions for institutional and commercial trading clients include:

  • Support multiple trade source generation (voice, block, open outcry, electronic)
    • Allocations & claiming- give in / give out
    • Outside broker executions
    • Mutual Offsets (MOS)
    • EFPs / ECRPs
  • Physical and cash settled deliveries
  • Option expiration processing
  • Commission & fee maintenance (exchange rebates, incentive programs)
  • Multiple 3rd party trade execution solutions
  • Direct Market Access (subject to risk approval)
  • Account transparency via the Wedbush Client Portal

Additional client benefits:

  • Competitive brokerage rates
  • Responsive and knowledgeable Account Management team
  • 24-hour Trade Support Desk (TSD)