Christine M. Egan

Vice President, Operations and Project Management

Christine Egan is Vice President, Futures Division at Wedbush Securities Inc. and responsible for the management of cross-departmental projects within the FCM. Throughout her career, Christine has led multiple acquisition projects, including the Wedbush Securities acquisition of the KCG Futures business, and the Crossland and KCG integration to a combined bookkeeping system at Wedbush. She actively works with Futures Exchanges and Clearing organizations on the ever-changing business processing and regulatory landscape. Before joining Wedbush, Christine started her career at Harris Upham, which after many acquisitions became Citigroup. She began on the CBOE Trading floor before transferring to the Futures Division, and provides over 30 years of diversified experience. Christine is a member of the FIA Clearing Division, the CME’s Clearing Advisory Group and the ICE Europe’s Technical Operations Group.