Delivering an elevated level of personalized service, we support clients through a full suite of services consistent with even our largest industry competitors.

With some of the most competitive prices in the market, Wedbush Futures delivers key brokerage, technology and infrastructure services backed by 24-hour tech support for traders, an immediate response experience, and efficient customer service.

Discover custom solutions and ultra-competitive brokerage rates.

Clearing & Execution

We provide clearing and execution services for the U.S. futures, equity markets, option exchanges, FICC cleared treasuries, and cryptocurrency futures. We also provide limited market access and clearing to European and Asian futures markets.

Clearing & Execution

We provide clearing and execution services for all of the US Futures, Equity Markets, Option Exchanges, and FICC Cleared Treasuries.

Treasury Clearing & Repo

Contact us if you are interested in treasury repurchasing agreements or learning about opportunities in government securities.

Risk Management Services

Wedbush offers essential pre-execution risk controls, tools and protocols designed to protect active traders, professional and institutional clients.

Custom Risk Management Services

Wedbush Futures offers several options for clients to view their risk in real time.

Pre-Trade and Post-Trade Processing

Wedbush Futures offers end-to-end trade capture and reconciliation.

Hosting & Trading Support Services

In addition to co-location, hosting, and low-latency execution, Wedbush also provides technology and infrastructure services to support client trading operations.

Co-Location and Server Hosting

Low-Latency Execution and Hosting Facilities

Facilities Management

24-hour Tech Support

Customized Reporting

Network Design Solutions

Robust/High Capacity Order Processing Capabilities

Trading Facilities/Offices

Wedbush Service Divisions