To ensure ongoing excellence, our team creates a secure environment for clients, investors, and colleagues while placing major emphasis on innovation, creativity, and performance.

Richard M. Jablonski

Executive Vice President & Head of Treasury

Robert G. Fitzsimmons

Managing Director and Head of Wedbush Futures

Kevin B. Wirth

Senior Vice President, Director of Finance

James F. Kearney III

Chief Risk Officer

Michael T. O’Hara

Senior Vice President, Business Development

James J. Zellinger

Senior Vice President

Michael A. O’Callaghan

Managing Director, Business Development

John D. Streich

Special Advisor

Terry A. Scott

Chief Compliance Officer

Bryan J. Hofferica

Director of Information Technology

Catherine W. Moseley

Vice President, Operations Manager

Christine M. Egan

Vice President, Operations and Project Management

Diane Pejkovich

Business Conduct and Financial Advisor