Whether you are a prop trader or professional trader, Rithmic’s trade execution software delivers to you the low latency and high throughput performance formerly seen only by the very large trading houses and boutique hedge funds.

Click on an icon to explore the Rithmic trading technology that is right for you:

R | Trader™

R | Trader™ is Rithmic’s front end trading and real-time risk management screen. With R | Trader™ you can view quotes, trades, market depth and option strikes in real-time.

  • View quotes, and market depth in real-time
  • Real-time risk management
  • Comprehensive order management
  • Supports trailing stops, brackets, OCOs, etc.
  • Administrative control

R | Trader Pro™

R | Trader Pro™ is R | Trader™ with charts and a real-time interface to and from Microsoft Office Excel. In addition to all the functionality of R | Trader™, with R | Trader Pro™ you can view about 100 studies and stream them in real-time into Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets.

  • Real-time risk management
  • Develop your own indicators
  • Efficient trade configuration
  • Intuitive order management
  • Stream data into Microsoft Excel